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March 14, 2019

The Ultimate Checklist for a Beach Wedding in Goa!

Now that you have explored the cost of your dream wedding ceremony in Goa, let us introduce you to other facets of what we can do for you when you book your wedding with us. Every bride or groom has a preconceived plan about their wedding, be it a particular place in mind, or an underwater vow exchange, or an early morning wedding on the waterfront.

As wedding planners in Goa we shall lead you on the path to convert these ideas into reality!

Decor to Illustrate your theme!

At the property you select, you must focus on elegant décor. Tinted glasses, chandeliers will add the right hues to the theme. An ice sculpture or sand sculpture based on the weather can be an icing on the cake when you book your wedding with us.

Go Ethnic with Live Shehnai and Nagada

You need not have every facet as excessively urban. You can opt for the Shehnai or Nagada troupes instead of the DJ to authenticate the theme! A tutari to announce the arrival of the bride or the groom will add to the aura of the overall theme. As wedding planners in Goa we can add an ethnic vibe to your Indian wedding on the beach!

We Recommend Venue Based Styles

Based on the venue, we can help you select the perfect flowers to be set up, how the stairs can be used as an aisle, some garden fairly lights and more! We even bring you the best royal palanquin, all based on the venue you prefer a luxurious wedding experience.

Themed Tableware for Food and Beverages

A royal theme calls for the cutlery that will have instant appeal. Napkins folded in attractive new styles, ornate soup bowls, surmais instead of regular glasses will add to the ethnic aspect.

Weather Check

Summer weddings can best be planned in some cooler avenues, while winter season can allow us to have a wedding at a beach in a hot country like India. The season chosen by the happy couple acts as a decision node to direct our wedding plans for the most luxurious wedding experience.

Let us Plan Occupancy and Catering!

The most vital part of the planning is how well you consider the head count and communicate the same to your hotel as well as your caterer. Not having enough food will be a very dicey situation to handle, while the caterer will always bring extra food, but we mustn’t leave anything to assumptions. Being accurate with the guest count will lead to effective planning and execution for a destination wedding in Goa.

Unexpected guests, guests feasting on the choicest dishes, will all need to be considered when you execute a destination wedding in Goa. So let us ensure it all goes smoothly without a glitch! Be it near the beach or in a luxurious resort, a destination wedding in Goa is something you will remember and relish your entire life. Reach out to our team today!

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