How Much Does A Destination Wedding in Goa Cost You?

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It is a dream for many couples to have a grand destination wedding in Goa. Goais truly one of the most alluring places in India for weddings. It is generallycherry-picked by couples for their wedding. Just how dreamy the idea already seems, it is necessary for a couple to know about the expenses they might have to incur for a majestic wedding. So, what is the estimate cost for a wedding in Goa? Let’s find out!

It’s Not Just the Wedding

It’s easy to say that you want a destination wedding, and why not, right? But you also need to realize that it’s much more than saying your vows or taking saath pheretogether. It also involves other ceremonies, multiple guests, their stay, their food, their entertainment, etc. The planning needs to be done accordingly. Mostly an average wedding and other celebrations last for three days and two nights. Let’s assume that you invite 100 guests on the basis of double sharing occupancy,the arrangement for the guests for three days could cost you INR 13 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs and the prices obviously would go higher if you choose a 5-star hotel. Other than this, your selection of hotels or wedding planners in Goa, provide you with pre-set wedding packages to help you create the wedding you wished for. With the extra services that most couples take up such as DJ, photographer, etc. the wedding cost comes out to be in the range of 15 to 30 lakhs.

Plan Your Budget

Many people already save money for their destination wedding while many do not and it is totally fine. Although, the glamorous destination wedding you imagine will obviously cost big bucks. It’s necessary to plan things well in advance so that you do not panic at the last moment or run out of funds.  Another major point here is that the expenses are not limited just to the wedding but after the wedding too.

Here’s a tip, if things do not fall your way, you can also try planning your wedding during the off-season. Due to a higher demand during the wedding season, the prices obviously shoot up, but you can try and plan your wedding during the off-season to get a lower rate of things.

Hire A Wedding Planner

You should always consider hiring a local professional wedding planner in Goa for your wedding. It’s like a cherry on top of the cake.A local wedding planner could help in negotiating prices and still designing the wedding you always wished for. They could also help you with coming up with a plan with your provided budget and make sure you make the right investment. 

So, a destination wedding might cost you a lot more than you think as it not only includes booking the venue, but also things like travel and accommodation of the guests. A lot of resources are used in organizing a destination wedding which is why it needs to be planned well in advance and nothing can go wrong if the planning is also well executed.

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