How To Plan A Budget Destination Wedding In Goa

Running tight on funds? See Savvy Tips From Wedding Planners for your Goa Wedding
May 8, 2019
Running tight on funds? See Savvy Tips From Wedding Planners for your Goa Wedding
May 8, 2019

Planning an exuberant wedding in Goa, brings along a sizeable price tag for many. With the entire dazzle, you must understand the intricacies of the cost element that comes along with this spectacular event. While implementing every step of your Big Day, you will be confounded when you realise how much you must plan for!

For executing an affordable yet majestic wedding, you need to look through every aspect of your wedding. Starting from the captivating wedding attire to the decor, a great catering service, an expert photographer and the gifts- all come at a cost. Luckily, we’re here to help you with it!

Draft your Financial Situation in Detail

For all the going to be Brides and Grooms, this is the perfect guide to know how to go about with a smart budget plan. We make your ceremony glamorous yet in budget, so let’s begin! Finance is a major requirement of every function. For collocating a grand wedding, you need to have appropriate funds backing you up to arrange it.

Rule out your wedding benefactor while discussing the budget details and if you too are a contributor. You must particularly remember that the expenses don’t end here but carry forward post wedding too. Don’t be inane about spending money but trust us as wedding planners to plan your budget for you.


Compartmentalize each and every section of your wedding and attach a stipulated budget to them. Whether you’re looking for your wedding dress or for your deco; divide segments of money ready for each and every thing you have in mind.

Deciding the Venue

Remember to have your wedding location ready months before your ceremony date. As every hotel, retailers, halls will try to devour more and more when the marriage season is around the corner, it is sagacious to keep a location in mind from before itself. While looking for a location on a budget, call us for your destination wedding in Goa.

Try an Off-Season Wedding

As we know every product’s rates shoot the sky when it’s the season. Try to buy your wedding attire off-season. What more is that you might get clothes at a much lesser price, maybe even at half the cost! This is the best time to buy your dresses from your favorite brands who otherwise will have the dresses with exorbitant prices.

Besides you have many outlets to buy your dresses from. And online websites are always great for you to check and compare the prices to choose what suits you the most.

Seek Our Expert Advice

When you are unsure about how to plan your wedding, be open to the choice of hiring a wedding planner who is greatly aware of the nooks and facets of these beautiful occasions. As a person who is well aware of the costs, arrangements we can modify the schedule in a very detailed manner and plan it accordingly.

In fact, as wedding planners in Goa, we can manoeuvre your investments perfectly so that you’re not overcharged. We have connections as well as the knowledge to bring out the best in your decided budget so you have a joyous celebration!

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