Running tight on funds? See Savvy Tips From Wedding Planners for your Goa Wedding

How To Plan A Budget Destination Wedding In Goa
May 8, 2019
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May 8, 2019

Admit it, wedding ceremony brings a lot of financial considerations.  There is nothing to feel guilty about planning a budget wedding. Using the available amount and putting it in the right resources can make this budget wedding super-successful. Our wedding planners in Goa can be of great help in this. They can easily tell you if you are overestimating. Here are some tips that will help you judiciously allocate your wedding expenses.

Frugally Expend on Décor

A major part of wedding expenses is spent on décor. It all depends on you how you want to make it, grand decorations or going minimal with creativity to make it look grand. Wedding planners suggest the best suitable decors according to your budget. We know how to make the best out of least. You can put in your creativity too. This hugely depends on the venue of the wedding. If it’s a hotel or a resort in Goa, decorations can cost optimal. This is because the venue already has fascinating ambiance.

Take into consideration smaller things such as pandals, entry decorations, table and floral decor. You can pick up on things which you want to keep. Rest can make a big cut down on your expenses.

Keep guest List Curtailed

Once you start making a list of guests to be invited, it feels that it is never going to end. But when it comes to a budget wedding, think if it is really necessary to invite everyone?  Create a rational list of guest. Only the essential and the closest relatives and friends could be included. It doesn’t matter even if there are only 300 guests on your list. Make sure they are the ones who matters to you the most. 

Advanced Planning Helps!

Eleventh-hour planning will take the most time, so call our wedding planners beforehand. Decide on venue, caterers, decorators, and photographers well in advance to save on budget. The owners of the venue, caterers, and decorators will be managed by us to ensure you have the best experience. It is good to book 8-11 month in advance as there is a possibility that all the local vendors are unavailable last minute. Hence, planning in advance always helps on curbing expenses.

Plan with our Dedicated Team

List down the wedding tasks, don’t keep it for the last minute. Prioritize the work. Try and complete the things that are on high priority then go for the less important ones.  It gives you an idea about what is required when. It will help you manage the expenses and reduce expenditure and we can help you with it.

Avoid Hasty Purchases

Anything that is in-season needs extra efforts for arranging it. Purchasing an in-season flowers for backdrop decoration can cost more. Same is the case with food. If you include any fruit or seafood dish in the menu that is not in season, it can go heavy on your pocket. Chose wisely and consider a wedding that is off-season.

Have you been dreaming of lavish catering with a variety of food and elite decorations? We specialize in wedding budgets for weddings in Goa and can discuss your limitations on the expenditure to tailor make a splendid experience for you!

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