Rustic Theme Ideas for Goa Wedding

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May 8, 2019
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May 8, 2019

Weddings are one of the largest social events in a country like India. People are always Liked to be step ahead in making the wedding grand. With the on-going trend of organizing destination weddings, couples are excited to check another item off their bucket list. Goa is an option for couples who are much in love and covet a beach wedding.

You can make your special day even more unique if you choose to celebrate at Goa. To add an extra touch to your perfectly planned celebration, here are a few rustic theme ideas for your destination wedding in Goa.

  1. Sun-downer Sangeet at the Beach:

Sangeet is one of the most exciting parts of a wedding. You can cozy up to a roaring fire any time, but having your Sangeet ceremony alongside a beach bonfire is something that not many people have experienced. You can also roast some marshmallows or even set up a grill on the other side for snacks. But, before deciding all this, make sure your wedding planners in Goa get the permission(s) from the beach authorities so that your perfect ceremony takes place without a hitch. 

  • Temporary Tattoo Artist at Mehndi:

It might sound new or even weird to some, but a temporary tattoo artist at mehendi ceremony can be a blessing. It is suited to people who like the art but not the hassle that comes with it! Although it depends on the artist which product to use, paint that lasts a day or two and can be used to imprint a design on any part of your body without making your clothes and other things dirty. Nowadays, many people can also be seen getting designs on their face by an artist, which gives them a bold and modern look.

  • Bridesmaids’ Coordinated Dresses:

You can bring the hash tag “Twinning with Bae” come to life if you are a bridesmaid. The bridesmaids’ dresses can be beautifully coordinated together and still each of them can look unique in their own style. For a bride, it is tedious but almost as fun as choosing and buying your own wedding dress. Make sure you choose the right shade and style that go along well and compliment your dress. But, do not forget the golden rule: The bridesmaids should never outshine the bride!

  • Rustic-chic Wedding Décor:

To have a rustic-chic décor, you need to forget about all the glitter and enter the world of minimalism. A wedding organized in your own way is what everyone wishes for. While planning for decoration, you can go with a rustic look. You can prefer candles and lamps over lights. There are various options of centerpieces that will be kept on the tables to choose from. You can also provide a specific area for some activity, for example you can provide a selfie booth for all those selfie lovers at your beach wedding in Goa! Make sure that the décor goes along with your overall theme.

These minimal yet unique ideas can help make your special day even more memorable.

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