When to Start Planning a Destination Wedding

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May 8, 2019
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Once you and your significant other have made up your mind for a destination wedding, the next step is to plan the whole wedding. But when should you start planning? The answer would be at least 9-10 months in advance because it is not just the travel you have to worry about but alsothe whole wedding. From booking of a hotel to the reception, and there are many thingsthat might come out to be as a problem.

But before you leave to your romantic destination to get married to the love of your life, there are some details you need consider while planning your destination wedding in Goa.

  • Right Place, Right Time

Obviously, you should choose the place which suits you the best but you also need to make sure that you finalize it at the right time. If you are thinking of Udaipur or Goa or Bali, you need to do the booking well in advance because the hotels and resorts over there rarely have vacant rooms in bulk and even if they do, they run out of rooms really fast. You also need to make sure that the weather of that place is right or whether it’s tourist season, in which case the rooms will fill out faster and the rates will get higher.

  • Advance invitation to the Guests:

No matter how exciting it sounds, your destination wedding in Goa should not be a secret unless it’s a private one and you do not wish to tell anyone. Your guests need to be well informed in advance about the location and timings in order to get the best deal in flights and so that they have plenty of time to decide things at their part. Therefore, send a “save the date” invite to your nears and dears.

  • Make a Budget

Budgeting is an important part of planning. It is necessary that you make a budget for your destination wedding well in advance and use your savings that you have for your big day. Make sure you choose an affordable hotel even for others. Many things like décor, DJ, food, etc. can change the ambience of a place even when it is not that expensive.

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring a Wedding Planner is the biggest help you can provide to yourself. Being professionals, Wedding Planners in Goa have organized way more weddings than you probably have, so you need to build that trust and believe that they can turn your thoughts into reality and make your dream wedding come to life.

  • Take a Trip

You need to visit your destination at least once to check the venue and accommodation of the hotel. You will also need to keep a check for the caterer, florist and the local photographer. You might have to visit again for “tasting” or deciding the perfect flowers.

If a second trip is not possible, then make sure to reach the destination a week or 5 days in advance to make sure everything goes well as planned.

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